Dizziness at Christmas?

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Dizziness at Christmas?

Not all dizziness at Christmas is about over-indulgence….!

If I asked  you ‘how is your sense of balance?’ how would you reply?

You might think good balance is being confident at walking along a wall or narrow beam, or happy to go up scaffolding and clamber around on a roof.

Indeed, these things do require a good sense of balance but day to day we need our balance systems to be in good order to know where we are in space even when sitting or standing still.  Even more so when I stand up from a chair and simply walk across a room, let alone turn around.


Now, when my balance is acutely disturbed I can experience a feeling of spinning (vertigo) or falling.  

There are various different reasons for this. For example, a common one at Christmas is alcohol, which is particularly effective on the cerebellum, (the area that is associated with balance and co-ordination). Think of the clumsiness , slurred speech and stumbling of someone who has had a few too many.

If those changes are more gradual or subtle I may not even realise I have a problem with my balance until I become less stable and start to stumble regularly.

My brain and body will do its upmost to compensate but these adaptations can result in changes of posture and maybe spinal problems.  Slowing of general movements occurs.

Walking speed is a common sign as are changes in tolerances of movement around you, this can manifest as travel sickness or feeling uncomfortable in supermarkets and busy streets.

Another common complaint of people with giddiness, dizziness or balance issues is anxiety and nausea.  It is estimated that 15-35% of the population will experience a complaint of dizziness and at least a third of those will develop a secondary psychological disorder.  (Ref: Susan Herdman PT, PhD  Vestibular Rehabilitation 2nd Ed)

Are you noticing these changes in your balance, co-ordination, speed of movement or someone else’s?

Do you think you might benefit from having your posture, balance and co-ordination checked?

 Chiropractors at Back In Form are trained and practiced in looking at the integration of these systems and may be able to improve or resolve your complaint with treatment and ‘vestibular rehabilitation’.

If you’d like to know more then please call the clinic for further advice or to make an appointment.

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