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With clinics in Lower Parkstone, Poole & Blandford Forum we have been helping the people of Dorset with Chiropractic treatment since 1994. Back In Form Chiropractic Clinic aim to seek out the cause of your pain “from the head down, the ground up and inside out“.

We give you the tools to help yourself, helping to reduce your costs and increase your satisfaction. We won’t sign you up for unnecessary expensive life balancing up front payment plans. We will use our long years of experience to get you the highest quality Chiropractic treatment and results and help you need.


At Back In Form chiropractic clinic we use a functional neurological approach as most issues that cause postural strain, weakness and pain come from the relationship between the brain and the body. If you fail to address this imbalance your problem will keep returning. We use specific neurological testing to enhance and balance the reflexes that control you. This helps rebalance muscles and improve joint function while reducing pain. When combined with our excellent Sports Massage you’ll soon be getting the best care possible.

I have been adjusted by numerous Chiropractors in the course of a number of years with no real result. When I came to Back In Form clinic (chiropractor Steve) I had so many different techniques applied and advice on exercise to do at home that I hadn’t had in all the years from the other Chiropractors. What is different here is they want to get you better not just keep you coming. I have a completely different life since I came to see Steve. I am imensely grateful and would recommend this clinic to everyone!

Hanna Hronskaya

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What is Chiropractic?

Find out how chiropractic care could help you recover from injury and stay flexible and free from pain.


There are many benefits to treatment from a BCA chiropractor.

Sports & Performance

Many elite athletes and sports men and women use chiropractors to stay at their peak, find out how our sports injuries clinic can help you.

back problems

Back treatment is our speciality, but don’t forget we treat any joints using physical therapy techniques just like a physiotherapist would. With the added benefit of skilled manipulation.


We specialise in treating not only the pain and stiffness of whiplash but also the mild traumatic brain injury that can occur. If you have had a whiplash simple tests and visual exercises can ensure your brain is functioning well and not weakened by the trauma.


We are ideally placed in Ashley Cross in Poole with car parking at the rear, find out how to get to us here.

We are also in Barnack Walk in Blandford Forum. Blandford Chiropractic Clinic location.

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