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Good Nutritional Support is Essential

Good nutritional support is essential for healthy cells and therefore a healthy you. At Back In Form we give advice on nutritional support to help you reduce inflammation and optimise cellular function. This is a particular area of interest in my general life and also for my athletic training.

Optimal cell function is dependent on good nutritional support. This is even more important for the cells of the brain and spinal cord following whiplash type injuries or mild traumatic brain injuries. A nerve cell will fatigue faster following a trauma or if inflamed. This can lead to a cascade of events that can eventually result in cell death.

As part of our treatment here at Back In Form we advise on nutritional support to help your cells recover faster and stronger, thereby minimising the effects of trauma. We also advise on optimal nutrition for joint and muscle health and better health in old age.

There is much conflicting advice about whether supplementing with vitamins, herbs and minerals is necessary in our everyday diets. You only have to read the health pages of the daily papers regularly to be told one thing or another from day to day. Nutrition is a complex subject that we hope to cover here in a clear way to help you make wise choices.

If you aren’t cooking fresh food everyday then you will need to think about how to make practical changes that fit with your lifestyle and nutritional needs as you may be deficient in certain minerals and vitamins. Your lifestyle will also have a great affect as do things such as stress, smoking, alcohol, pollution etc.

We will soon have some advice here to help you with this, follow us on facebook for updates as they become available.

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We supply nutritional products from leading suppliers such as Lamberts Health and Nutri at competitive prices.