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At Back In Form we offer sports massage treatments at our specialist clinic in Lower Parkstone in Ashely Cross, near Bournemouth. Sports massage therapy is a great compliment to other chiropractic treatment and here at Back In Form we provide the option of both types of treatment to help better serve our clients.
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What is Sports Massage

Sports massage is a form of massage involving manipulation of soft tissue and can be applied in both a sporting and non-sporting setting. There are a wide range of techniques used as part of sports massage including effleurage, kneading, wringing, hacking and trigger pointing. In general, sports massage is used to relax the muscular skeletal system and target any specific problem areas.

How Does Sports Massage Treatment Help?

A sports massage helps to reduce muscle tension and improve blood flow through the deeper tissues of the muscle, where blood flow can be poor. Limited blood flow leads to an accumulation of inflammatory chemicals and lactic acid that can hamper recovery or hinder performance. By improving blood flow these chemicals are flushed from the muscle and the result is reduced tension and improved endurance.

Having sports massage treatment helps to stretch the inner architecture or fascia of the muscle. This improves flexibility and again reduces pain and its effects on hindering good joint function and athletic performance.

  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Help prevent and treat injuries
  • Aid athletes pre and post sporting event
  • Enhance performance in sporting

Common Problems we can Treat with Sports Massage:

  • Muscular tension and stiffness
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • General aches and pains from sports or exercise
  • Posture issues

Sports Massage to Aid Sports Performance

For sports people, sports massage can offer the added benefit of speeding up recovery and therefore allowing better quality training, improved fine tuning and training methods, shorter recovery times, as well as a higher quantity of training. It can also help prevent injury or enable earlier identification of any problems.

If you’re an athlete and are looking for a sports massage treatment in Poole, Bournemouth or Blandford get in touch with Back In Form today.

Who Can Have a Sports Massage?

Sports massage is not a treatment exclusive to athletes. It’s very useful as part of a holistic treatment for stress and anxiety. These are conditions that are on the increase in our busy demanding lives. Massage also releases endorphins helping you feel less pain and more relaxed, elevating any stress you might be feeling. This will benefit both those who exercise frequently and those who are more sedentary.

Sports Massage Treatments at Back In Form

Here at Back In Form, we have been providing sports massage to clients in Poole, Bournemouth, Blandford and Dorset for many years and therefore have a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure our clients get the results they deserve from their sports massage treatment. To book your sports massage therapy in the Poole, Bournemouth and Blandford areas get in touch with Back In Form today.

Meet Lucy our Experienced Sports Massage Therapist

Lucy Payne is a fully qualified Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist and a member of the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage (ISRM). She trained at the London School of Sports Massage to the highest level within the sports massage field.
Experienced Sports Massage Therapist

Lucy has always been passionate about sport and fitness and has become an experienced marathon runner and iron distance triathlete over the past ten years. Since becoming a mum, she has continued to race at a decent level, albeit less frequently, still completing multiple marathons per year and often to be seen out pushing her running buggy along Bournemouth seafront.

As a keen runner and triathlete, Lucy has experienced the benefits of massage first hand, and believes strongly in its potential to provide a remedy for musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction caused by sport or life’s everyday stresses. Massage can relieve the symptoms of postural problems or chronic occupational fatigue, reduce stress, assist with emotions, improve self-awareness, flexibility and help with relaxation.

Prices For Sports Massage Therapy:


1 hour Sports Massage


45 mins hour Sports Massage