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about the treatment

What is the difference between chiropractic and osteopathy?

Both professions treat problems associated with the muscles and joints. The main differences are in the manipulative techniques, Chiropractors tend to use more adjustments which are shallow, quick movements to free the joints. Osteopaths tend to use more stretching and less frequent adjustments. There is wide variation between practitioners within each field and so you may find one different to another. As research has lead to advances in the understanding of musculo-skeletal problems techniques have adapted to follow suit. It is my belief that eventually the boundaries between chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists will become less defined. At Back in Form we stay abreast of new research and this helps us make better decisions as clinicians.

Does the treatment hurt?

The manipulation used by Chiropractors is a quick movement that when done skillfully inhibits pain nerves. So all you feel is the stretch. It is important to be as loose and relaxed as possible when performed. We will use techniques to help you have the most comfortable treatment possible.

Are my bones out of place and do you put them back in?

The joints aren’t out of place, they just become stuck. We free them up using adjustments and this relaxes the muscles and eases joint and muscle pain.

Is it true chiropractors just want to keep you in care?

No, we want you to have a healthy body and spine. If you follow our advice this will help you have less treatment than repeated crises that need treating and you’ll feel better for most of the time rather than just some of the time. You can choose the level of care you want, just like you can at the dentists to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Do you only treat adults?

No, we treat all ages. Everyone can have an injury that needs attention. Even babies and toddlers. We also treat ladies who are pregnant to ease pain and improve function.

Are all chiropractors treating in the same way?

No, there are several variations in method of treatment but the vast majority use similar techniques of manipulation. Some use devices such as the activator or gentle muscle work and blocks. Due to our long experience we use a variety of techniques, so that we can accommodate all clients and tailor the technique to the most effective treatment that you feel comfortable receiving.

Is treatment suitable when pregnant?

Chiropractic care when pregnant is very safe. We modify the treatment to take into account the changes that take place. There is no more important time to make sure that your spine is moving well. Chiropractic should be part of every expectant mothers’ prenatal care. Many midwives recommend chiropractic care for both the mother to be and the new babies.

Do you only treat backs?

No, we correct nerve function by treating the spine and the peripheral joints of the leg and arm. This helps restore reflexes that keep your muscles working correctly and ease pain anywhere in the body.

If chiropractic is so cool at treating joint problems why isn't it on the NHS?

Chiropractic is available on the NHS in some regions. It is recommended by NICE for acute back pain and was shown to be more effective than physiotherapy in two pivotal studies in 1990 and again in a follow up in 1994. However contracts are between individual clinics and the health commissioners. We do not have a contract with the NHS at present.

I've heard manipulation of the neck is dangerous, is this true?

There is a small reported risk that manipulation of the neck can cause strokes. The incidence is extremely small, reported at between 1/300000 and 1/5000000. Compare this to risk of death following low back surgery at .03% (10 out of 3457) source American Journal of Orthopeadic Surgeons 2011, and from cervical surgery between 0.6 per 1000 and 1.2 per 1000 at teaching hospitals. It is worth bearing in mind that many of the surgery cases would have been performed on individuals who had pre-existing cardio-vascular disease and other predisposing factors.

We will establish if you have risk factors for cardiovascular disease, from which we will tailor your treatment plan to take this into account. Relative to surgery, chiropractic is very safe and non-invasive and we would recommend an assessment before resorting to a surgical approach. With respect to stroke cases reported; It is likely that this incidence is over reported as patients may present to a chiropractor with a type of headache, which clinically indicates that they are actually having a stroke at the time of presentation, rather than as a result of any treatment. A thorough history and examination will determine if this is the case and immediate referral to A & E would then be sought if suspected.

about the clinic

Do you have appointments in the evening?
Yes we are open from 8:40 am till 7pm on Monday and Tuesday and we are open till 6pm on Thursdays and Fridays.
Do you have car parking?
Yes, we have 6 spaces available at the rear of the clinic. You can get to these by driving down Old School Close which is off Church Rd. Have a look at the contacts page for a map. You will see that the road goes left at the end of old school close, this is our car park.
Do I have to wait long for an appointment?
Not usually, we will try to schedule you i as soon as possible. Because we take the time at the initial visit to listen and examine you thoroughly it can be hard to get an evening appointment but we will do our best to schedule you rapidly. This is not usually such a problem in the daytime.
Do you have disabled access?
Yes, from Commercial Road at the front. The clinic is on the ground floor and is located in a conservation area. There is a very low step to the front door, and two steps to get into the treatment room. We have the means to accommodate and overcome these.
How long have you been here?
The clinic was established in 1999, it has been at it’s current site since 2008. Before that it was a letting agency, a delicatessen and the old Ashley Cross girls school. Many of our clients used to go there as children.

about the company

How long have you been here?
The clinic was established in 1999, it has been at it’s current site since 2008. Before that it was a letting agency, a delicatessen and the old Ashley Cross girls school. Many of our clients used to go there as children.
Who we are?
We’re a passionate team dedicated to health and fitness who use tested methods to transform people’s lives. Health care can be serious business, but we like to have a professional but friendly attitude to help you feel comfortable and have fun while achieving your goals.
Why choose us?
With over 20 years clinical experience, 9 years teaching experience and a first hand knowledge of endurance sports demands you are in good hands to stay pain free but also to excel at your sport.