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Sports injury treatment at Back In Form to speed recovery and enhance performance.

At Back in Form we use a variety of techniques to maximise healing and consolidate recovery for sports injuries. We give high quality care and solutions designed to help you get the best results whatever your sports injury. Being a keen triathlete helps me understand the needs of training of many disciplines.


Lucy Payne is highly qualified at sports massage for sports injury care and prevention. She can also advise on rehabilitation exercises and will certainly keep you motivated to achieve your goals. She is a very good runner and knows sports injury care inside out.


Kinesio tape or K-tape for short is a very clever stretchy tape that provides support but more importantly feedback and information to help you use muscles more effectively. It has been shown to improve healing times and assist in the active rehabilitation of sports injuries. We utilise this treatment regularly at the clinic to help speed up the healing process and encourage normal muscle recruitment.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is basically the use of exercises to improve function, control and strength. It can be passive stretching to improve muscle length or it can be active exercises to improve strength. When you have a problem it is caused by muscle imbalances affecting the joints which in turn affect the muscles. So if you don’t rehab, you will have a vicious cycle of poor muscle function that leads to pain or prevents good healing.

At Back In Form we assess your strength and muscle tightness and develop a specific program tailored for you. The aim of this is to firstly groove a good motion pattern then build strength and control. If you can follow the plans you will have vastly improved function. A rehab program takes at least 6 weeks to start to achieve better stability so it does take commitment. If you are serious about changing your bad habits and getting free from pain then this is a must. Without a rehab program your long term prognosis will be reduced. We are here to help you through all the stages of recovery and back to good fitness and health.

Orthotic Prescription for Flat Feet

Orthotics are inserts that are placed in footwear to help stabilise excessive ankle pronation (flat feet). Many people have weakness in the foot that leads to a stretching of the supportive structures. If your foundation isn’t stable then the rest of you will have to work harder to do everyday tasks. You’ll get tired quicker due to this. This causes the ankle to roll in, followed by the knee. The effect of that is a relaxing of the Gluteal muscles (buttocks). If they aren’t firing properly, you lose the ability to extend your hip causing tight hip flexors. This leads to increased pressure on the low back, tension in the mid-back, tight shoulders, headaches. So we always look at and assess the ankles as if left uncorrected we can ease back pains or headaches but the result won’t last. Stabilise the ankle, strengthen the weak muscles and stretch the tight ones and you’ll get much better results for much longer. We stock and prescribe Sole orthotics and are very competitive on price.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are tight areas or knots that appear in muscles that are under strain. They occur in set areas and can lie dormant giving just a mild almost imperceptible ache or lethargy. Or they can become active when a joint is inflamed and then they refer a deep dull pain in set patterns. By applying pressure we can help to desensitise and switch off the pain. Or for a more effective treatment, we use dry needling which gets to the source of the problem very effectively and has a more rapid effect on switching off the bad reflexes that lead to the trigger point.

Dry Needling

Dry needling as described above is very effective at treating trigger points and relieving acute spasm of the muscles. It is basically the use of acupuncture needles (hence the name dry needle as they are not used to inject fluids) which are inserted into the trigger points to switch them off. You also get a change in blood flow around the needle as a reaction from the body and this helps to flush away inflammatory chemicals and pain mediators that lower your threshold for pain. So basically they relax the muscles and make them less sensitive. Studies have shown dry needling to be as effective as cortisone injections over the medium term for conditions such as tennis or golfers elbow.

If you’re looking for sports injury treatment in Poole, Bournemouth, or Blandford areas please contact us.

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