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It is almost inevitable that you will have suffered a sprain of some kind at some point in time. It’s important to treat and rehabilitate the injury so that it doesn’t lead to further problems later in life. For example a lot of back problems are associated with people who have sprained ankles and done nothing about it. This leads to altered gait and over time the stress of that slowly degenerates other structures such as the knee or hip.

Your joint pain will most likely come from increased stress at one area of the joint, usually as a result of an injury that may be old. Your body will struggle to activate muscles that support the joint and it gets hurt. This pain will reduce your ability to control the joint and gradually a chronic weakness and pain can develop. This can cause joints to seize up either wholly or partially and the problem snowballs until eventually down the line you could end up with some degree of arthritic change

If you decided to visit for treatment you would probably be surprised by the skills we have to correct the joint stiffness and restore the strength and control, not only of that joint but the ones above and below it. It is vital to look at them all, as one will affect the next one.


You can be assured the techniques I use are proven to give you the best possible treatment, to get you better as quickly as possible.

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