Headaches of a Mechanical Origin

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You will most likely have suffered from headaches at some point in your life, these commonly occur due to tight knots called trigger points forming in the muscles around the base of the head, the back and front of the neck and top of the shoulders and even from the jaw muscles.

You will feel it as a tight band that is dull in nature usually over the eyes and temples more. These knots form due to injuries of the muscles for instance following a road traffic accident, or when we are weakened by either poor prolonged postures, lifting or even when under the weather or after a late night out!! In fact did you know poor bite can also lead to these headaches.

Thank-fully the pain due to muscle tension and knots is relatively easy to treat by strengthening the neck, loosening the stiff upper back and working on posture, this may then help to ease your headache.

In a study by Castien et al in 2011, 82 subjects with chronic tension headaches were treated by either usual medical care or manual therapy (MT) over a max of 9 treatments. The results were then monitored over an 18 month period. After 8 weeks a significant difference was found in the MT group, with reduced frequency, duration and intensity when compared to medical group. This continued for 26 weeks. Bear in mind that medical treatment with anti-inflammatories significantly increases an individuals risk of heart attack by up to 90%

We have helped literally hundreds of patients with headaches due to tight muscles referring pain into the head and we have many testimonials to that effect. Please be assured that if your case is not likely to respond to our care you will be informed at the outset and referred to the relevant expert who can take over your care.