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Acupuncture Treatment

Did you know that as well as returning your nervous system by chiropractic adjustments we can also use acupuncture.

Acupuncture has been widely used for thousands of years to treat pain and other health problems. There is strong evidence for its use as pain treatment.

It works by stimulating the nervous system and creating a reaction in the area of the needle that increases blood flow helping to bring in oxygen and nutrients for good repair. It also inhibits pain by stimulating what we call mechano-receptors. These are pressure and stretch sensors. Chiropractic also works on the same pathways.

So acupuncture and chiropractic are the perfect partners to help to reduce muscle tension and pain and get your nervous system back in balance.

A study by Wiedenhammer et al. in 2007 looked at the treatment of chronic (6+months of pain) low back pain with acupuncture. 39% of 2,564 participants received acupuncture alone and the others had additional care. Pain levels were found to improve by 17% for both depressed and non depressed patients, clinic improvements in functional ability were found in 40% of cases at 6 months. 54% rated the treatment as good or very good, pain days were reduced by over 50% and medication by 50%.

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