Chiropractic & Maintaining Optimal Health

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Did you know that even if you conscientiously follow the advice given to the letter your spinal joints will still start to stiffen again. This is due to the stresses placed on them. Over time this adversely affects the signals going to and from the body from your brain and spinal cord.

These signals are vital for maintaining health of the body and muscles. If you allow them to stay disturbed you will start to function sub-optimally. Muscles will weaken, joints will get inflamed and eventually pain will return.

It makes far more sense to keep working at a higher level of function and true health rather than waiting for a breakdown. Yet most people will look after their car better than their body. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking painfree is good health. It is not.

True health is achieved only when everything is working at maximum efficiency, regular care and adjustments can help you achieve that higher state.

Senna M & Machaly S in a study published in Spine in 2011 looked at the effectiveness of spinal manipulation for chronic low back pain and also whether it was effective in reducing pain over an extended period following an initial phase of care. They found that manipulation was significantly more effective for patients than no manipulation. They found though that after 10 months without ongoing care the function and pain had almost returned to previous levels. However the group that continued care maintained their progress. This shows that ongoing maintenance is beneficial and enhances spinal health over the long-term.