The Nervous System

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Keeping the Nervous System working 100% is so important?

  • The nervous system of the human being is responsible for sending, receiving, and processing information throughout the body.
  • All the organs and muscles inside your body rely upon these nerve impulses to function.
  • It controls everything inside your body.
  • Sense organs provide the nervous system with information about your external and internal environment by means of such senses as sight, hearing, smell, taste, tough, pressure, and pain.
  • Nerves are connected throughout the whole body to the brain.
  • They carry the information throughout the body in the form of electrochemical signals called impulses.
  • These impulses travel from the brain and spinal cord to the nerves located throughout the body. For example, if we touch something, impulses travel through the nerve network to the brain at a rate of up to 350 feet per second. This message is sent along the functional component of the nervous system called the neuron or nerve cell.
  • It takes the cooperation of three sub-divisions of the nervous system to carry out the mission of the nervous system. They are the central, the peripheral, and the autonomic nervous systems.
A lack of co-ordination of these impulses and reflexes can be the result of a break down within the structure and physical function of your spinal joints over a period of time. This break down puts pressure on your spinal joints and interferes with your surrounding spinal nerves, which then become irritated and cause an imbalance within your body. This imbalance means your body will not be able to function at its best and can affect your general health.

So as you can see, the function of the nervous system, and its relation to your body’s coordination is the essence of chiropractic.

You express your life through your nervous system!

To help express your life at its full potential get regular chiropractic adjustments.