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Useful Tips for Choosing the Best Chiropractor

Choosing a chiropractor is easy, but how do you know you’ve chosen a good one? Here are a few tips to make your decision more straightforward.

As with choosing any professional service, recommendation is the usually the best . Ask around your friends and family to see who they went to and how they rated the service and advice. There are over a million visits to chiropractors in the UK every year. So you are likely to find someone who’s been quite quickly. Get a few opinions from different people.

Most chiropractors treat conditions that have been proven to be effectively cared for by the techniques that we use and the effectiveness has been verified in studies. Some chiropractors make claims that they can “cure” conditions that are beyond the scope of our practice. If the chiropractor you are looking at makes bold claims to cure obscure conditions then it is best to choose someone else. A recent study by Bronfort into the conditions and effectiveness of the chiropractor is worth a read to double check.

If a chiropractor recommends that everyone needs an x-ray they should be avoided. This is not good practice and contravenes both the articles of the GCC code of practice and use of ionising radiation rules. X-rays should only be taken when they are clinically useful. Good history taking and examination usually means x-rays are not necessary.


You should be advised at the start of your treatment of the number of visits needed to ease your pain and start a rehab process, a reputable clinic will not advise large numbers of treatment as most people should make good progress in 6-10 visits. Follow up check ups are up to the individual and we will advise accordingly as to whether these are appropriate and at what frequency you would need them in order to stay well. If you are not improving within 3-6 visits depending on the condition we will stop care and re-assess your needs and refer for different treatment.

A clear indication of fees and expected cost should be given to help you plan financially. You should not be asked for a large fee up front for many many treatments. At Back in Form we offer a discount for a pre-paid course of 6 visits. Any unused fees are refunded, please get in touch for further details.

If you have any further questions regarding treatment of your problem please call us on 01202 733355 or book in for a free 20 minute chat to see if we can help.


Every UK the chiropractor has to be registered with the General Chiropractic Council by law. You can check the register by going to the General Chiropractic Council to make sure they are on it. If they are not – don’t go. You can also check the site for any complaints against chiropractors.

You might also like to see if they are members of the British Chiropractic Association. The BCA is the oldest, largest and most reputable association in the UK and it’s members adhere to the highest standards of care and professionalism. You can check the register at the British Chiropractic Association website.

Their website also has useful tips about what you can expect when you see a chiropractor. We are registered with the GCC and the BCA.

Most chiropractors will treat you in a private room to ensure your confidentiality. Some clinics will treat you in a room with other patients at the same time. We prefer to focus purely on you when listening and treating. This allows us to listen to any new information you tell us in private. If you are in a room with others your fee should be significantly lower, often in these cases it is not. Be sure to check before attending.

You should also be advised of other ways to treat your problems so that you are fully aware of all your options before starting care. We use a variety of techniques that are used by other therapies such as physiotherapy and podiatry. However if we feel we are not helping you, we advise of other routes to a possible solution.

You should not feel obliged to attend health classes as part of your treatment. It is up to you what you do for your health. We do offer occasional seminars on health issues in general where chiropractic forms part of the talk but we will not make them obligatory.